Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday, Hot & Windy = Lazy

Wow what a weekend! Spend the day yesterday on the road. First Amarillo to watch the Bobcat Baseball team whoop up on the River road Wildcats 18-8, now they are standing 2-0 in District!!! yes baby!

After the game I hit up Taco Bell! Kids are tired of me going there every time we go out of town but once they get those Cinnamon twists, they suddenly remembered they like Taco Bell! See Mom does know best! lol

Also we stopped at Wal-mart to fill up the car w/gas. That is one of our Dave RAmsey things: we put so much money on a gift card from Wal-Mart and then we use it for gas only. once it starts going low then we know it means no more going going going.

I also got air in my tires!!! Okay may not be a big deal for you but me YES! Plus w/Nissan you have "special" air and regular will not work... Idk... but I was able to get that orange triangle w/the exclamation point off my dash!!! that thing was annoying after 6 months....

Now the kids & I were heading to Tulia, Texas! Yes, my big brother Josh finally got to move into his new house!!! I am so proud of him. He has worked so hard through school, working Pharmacy hours, getting married, having 2 beautiful wonderful boys! they have taken their time in building this house. They know exactly what they wanted & how. Its such a wesome house for a wonderful family. I was to go and help them move in BUT i liked my job even better and that was to watch and play with the kids. yes it was hot & windy, the kids did a very good job of staying out and playing majority of the time. All I know after a long day of moving it makes every one tired and cranky. So that is when we decided to head on out. After the seeing the progress of this house and now its finally done... its a beautiful home where his family will make wonderful memories!

Makes me think back to the house I grew up in. Which my parents still live in to this day. WOW... great times. Even the one in Estelline when we lived there, out in the country... sand blowing, buried cars in the cotton field, being drug on the hood of a car when it snowed, frog races on top of the cellar, playing hide-n-go seek! List could go on forever!

Today was a lazy day, did wash my sheets on my bed...the only thing on my to do list. Kids played out in the springler out back, wearing their swimsuits and roller blading all over the neighborhood. Did manage to watch the movie "Eat,Pray & love" awesome movie... so now I am trying to save up money to go to Bali!!! lol i will be saving for a very long time!

Hope you all had a blessed day!
Until next time...Mamabotos!


Anonymous said...

We better stick to Dave Ramsey for another few years before Bali .. LOL.. would be great to get there someday soon

MamaBotos said...

Yes Babe it would be! Mr.