Monday, April 4, 2011

Running :/

Ok, I THINK I am gonna try this running thing AGAIN! lol See I did it 3 yrs ago and I weighed more than I do now. My sister & I would get up every morning for 4 months at 5:30 and go work out. Well, not much a change was happening, not in my eyes they weren't. I participated in the Full of Bull run & the Valentine's Sweetheart run (which was very very cold!) In mind set I thought being a former basketball player it wouldn't be that bad...WRONG! you actually need to train a few months for it. So that is my goal. It seems like when you set a goal you tend to be more motivated to work out and eat healthy. So, what race shall I compete in? hmmmmmm, good question. But I do know as of today, April 4, 2011 I will start my running.

I have downloaded the couch potatoe to 5K workout as well as another one, after having two kids & no more gym membership (due to saving money & getting really sick) I have decided its TIME. To you, you might be thinking, "aw, your look fine, your skinny." Well, there is a fat skinny, ya know what I mean! lol I would like to get toned up! This flab around my mid section has got to go!!!! and yes my booty I would like to get toned up, its seems to sag a little more & more! lol Oh lord, can't believe I am blogging about my butt! lol

So my goal has been set, I shall meet my goal! Between this workout & the ab circle

I hope to look like this is 90 days!

Until next time....Mamabotos!

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