Friday, April 8, 2011

Finish the Week

So the running thing has been good. I ran my first mile on Tuesday evening, not liking the whole starting on a Monday. lol I ran a little under a mile, right around 9 mins....didn't think it was too bad for not running in a year and half. My second mile was last night and I had 4 kids on bikes following me! It was so funny looking. Me and My get-a-long-gang! but it made me NOT want to walk in front of the kids, so that I can push myself to do better so the kids can see me trying to get in better shape and do what is right.

Cora lee has been wanting to run with me. I am not gonna lie, we probably run the same pace! lol But we surprised her last night w/her NEW BIKE! My kids go through bikes like shoes! But I am not complaining. Those kids ride bikes EVERYDAY for about 2 hrs before its time to come in (when the street lights come on!)

T-Ball: Both kids are playing T-ball this year and are on the same team, TEXAS RANGERS! Jantz is so excited and now he wants to play golf, which we have signed Cora up for Junior golf. I love golf! I hope she enjoyed it as much as I did.

FFN! That stands for Family Fun Night, something SHAC committee has started here at the Elementary. One night a month, we open the elementary school and play! That's right play, play games, obstacle course in the gym, Wii Dance, DDR Pads, Scoooter Basketball in the hallways. its so much fun. each month we tried to do something different. It is so great to see families come up and play with their kids. The reason for it is to get families to spend time together. With jobs, practices of every sport its hard to find time to just spend time together and play. plus its FREE! Plus parents only come to school to see their kids teacher, might be positive but then again might not be. In this setting they get to let loose and relax. I am so happy to be a part of this, I know my kids & I look forward to it!

Until next time...Mamabotos

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