Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday, 1-17-11

MLK Day! How did you celebrate? We didn't, we had school but Cora told me that he gave a speech about a dreeeeaaaammm! lol Crazy girl.

The Fog! Wow it was heavy this morning driving the bus. It was scary. I also about missed my turn off to Vest Ranch. It did clear up some as we got into town, but not much. I love driving the bus! Some of you are thinking no way, but I enjoy seeing those kids every morning. I have my little route that I do and I am usually done by 4:30.

Maybe I get the "Shop Boys" to fix me up a PIMP Bus like the ones below!!:

Here is my van I want!!! maybe not yellow but light baby blue!!! heck yeah...

Today was a long day, teaching basketball to the entire K-3rd is tough! But again 'I love it!' I don't think they do anymore because we aren't shooting. All we do is ball-handling & dribbling right now. I think their legs get tired and plus they are out of breath! Getting 2nd & 3rd grade to perform at half-time of the Varsity Girls/Boys game on Jan. 28th. Its not gonna be PIP show but it will be awesome. I hope!

After school, I did my bus route AGAIN (yes, twice a day). Then I headed to the gym to work clock for JH & 9th grade Girls Basketball games. I have gotten pretty good at, keeping up with player fouls & player # who fouled & AND... how to turn off the Time-out that seems to go off with 15 seconds left in a quarter!!! So stinkin' proud!!! Now the fans won't yell at me (yea right) and the officials & coaches won't look at me crazy!!! Plus I work w/my sister & Ginger Wilson. These two girls know how to make you laugh!!! But I laugh at them on how mad they get watching girls play basketball...

After the games, I attended a Woman's Bible Study and have enjoyed it. But I feel like I need to not talk so much at it...lol. But I will be honest, I have kind of lost touch with God/Jesus. Had a great youth & youth Ministers'. I went off to college and went occasionally but not like I should. Got married & now I have kids. I am trying to be the example my mom was to us by taking us to church. She was a little better at than me. We will make it to church but hair may not be brushed and lucky the kids have on clothes! lol My mom had us dressed to a 'T'! Hair curled, dressed nice, panty-hose (oh I how I hate them things!). But we went, she would drive us all the way from Estelline in her little red Dotson 2 door car w/four kids! Moms rock!

After the study, I came home to my little girl asleep on the couch and a lil' man hiding trying to scare me!!! So He & I went a got bathes and off to bed to watch "2 Fast & 2 Furious." He loves those movies... thank goodness we have encore for free this month, so we can record it to DVR!

Most of the time he pretends he is asleep and scares!!!

Cora had a great day at school. Jantz didn't have school, he was a lazy bum all day... & Botos...yes he was at the Baseball field. He had those boys working hard getting ready for their season. Also, they are selling Bobcat Baseball "Fan Wear" if you are interested let me know.

Until next time...Mamabotos


Marci said...

So glad you are doing the Bible study!!MOMS ROCK!! I seriously wonder how my mom used to get us dressed for church and like you said dressed to a "T" (btw, I ABHOR panty hose!), breakfast on the table, lunch started and to church on time for Sunday school?!

MamaBotos said...

come with me next time to the bible Study! its on Monday's @ 8.

DeanO said...

What a bus - maybe more kids would get up early for school if that bus was their ride....probably not