Saturday, December 12, 2009

Well, its the weekend. I had a good report from the Doctor. Still restricted to 1/2 days of work. Slowly but surely trying to build my strength back up. I guess I can do that by doing a load of laundry here or there.... nah, better rest. lol. I will have to say, I can't stand the thought of seeing 'dust bunnies." I might have turned into a clean freak, we will see though... don't get your hopes up Botos!

When I left the house yesterday,it was weird. I had not driven a car in 2 weeks!!! Yeah... freaky! But I managed to make it to the Clinic. Thank you Dr. Green for putting up w/me & taking great care of me....

Just me & the kiddos today on this fine Saturday. Botos is in Lubbock at a baseball Convention, then off to watch Canadian play. Man time!!!! When do I get some Girl time, no being in the hospital doesn't count!!! nice try though.... guys.

Okay, all is well at the Botos household. We have gotten all the shopping done for the kids, just need to buy for niece & nephews.

Thank you all for the cards, phone calls, concerns & prayers. This past two weeks have been an eye opener for me. In ways to slow down, family is much more important than anything else. How much it affected my kids while me being gone has blown me away. Sunday when I got home, Cora was just eating everything in site! Botos then made the comment that she had not been eating... well she ate enough that night she ate herself to sleep. Plus she wouldn't go to sleep unless she knew I was asleep or lying next to her. Sweet little girl, missed her momma.

Everyone have a great weekend, I think the kids I are going to sneak over to Magnum to watch the Christmas Light parade!!!

Until next time...Mamabotos

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