Thursday, February 26, 2009

Funny things

Sitting here putting off cleaning up the kids rooms, so I was trying figure out the "Playlist", got it done, pretty cool. Then my phone rings, its Botos...can hardly hear him....he is down in his back, felt like a cramp, I don't know... thinking great, he is getting ready to drive a bus back for the next three hours! crap... hang up the phone and then Cora comes up and starts crying. I asked her why she was crying, she says, "its stuck in my nose", I said what is, she tells me paper! WHAT!!! So I look up her nose, couldn't see anything, thinking great...gonna have to go to the ER to get paper out of her nose!!! So I told her to blow & blow really hard. First blow, nothing. 2nd blow, still nothing, Okay getting mad & scared...3rd Blow...finally it shoots right out onto my finger!!! I couldn't help but start laughing... thank God it came out. So I give it back to her to go throw it away, NO she sticks it up Jantz's nose to blow out! I swear my kids... so he hasn't accomplished the concept of blowing his nose right so I squeeze his nostrils together and it comes out...What an afternooon already....

But tomorrow please say a prayer for my mother in law, she is going to see a specialist concerning her liver. So I am taking the day off to be with the kids BUT now I get to drive the bus for Botos & the baseball team for 2 reasons: 1. his back... & 2. I am another coach that can drive him. Pretty cool!!!

Until a few minutes... maybe...Mambotos

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Marci said...

I hope all goes well with your mother-in-law. Hopefully nothing else will get stuck up your kids noses today!! What would being a mother be without having something stuck somewhere! Be careful tomorrow