Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 29th...

Well I've got to get back to blogging so that I can remember what I did or my family has done together. This was all I use to do and now its check Facebook every 10 minutes! So back to blogging I go. We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas! Cold, very cold and it even snowed but didn't stick to the ground. But it was beautiful falling down from the sky! Things we all got for Christmas were: Botos got a tree stand (hunting stand, my mother thought it was a Christmas tree stand!), beard trimmer, new work boots for melting his other ones burning Vicki's front yard; Grateful Dead DVD's, Texas Tech cup from Jantz and books and bathroom book from Cora. I myself got my College Ring!! Its so pretty but too small so got to send it back and have it stretched AND a pair of Old Gringo boots that I have had my eyes for over 5 years!!! lol Thanks to my family for both things. Cora got clothes, make-up, earrings, cowgirls boots herself, metal body frame to dress up, magic trick kit, and her first American Girl Doll-Julie!!! She carries her everyone with her. Man is she getting big too... getting tall and beautiful! Oh Little Man Jantz---clothes, two backpacks, basketball shoes, semi-trucks galore, volcano making kit, remote control helicopter, and most importantly a 125 four-wheeler!!! oh the look on his face was priceless. We have enjoyed our break from work, Botos has been working on putting up a new metal fence on the baseball field. Season will start up in about a month. I've been busy getting Kids league going, a basketball league for elementary kids. Jantz was excited about not having to go to school for awhile...he gets bored. Cora I think misses talking to all her girlfriends. Today I am re-arranging Jantz's room so that he can start sleeping in there! Got him a small entertainment center for his TV, Wii; now off to get him a comforter and an electric blanket. I think I might be rubbing off on him...hehehe. Also challenged him if he would stay in his room for 1 month, then I will get the BlackOpps game for the Wii. We shall see... Until next time...Mamabotos


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