Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cora Lee turns 3!

WOW!!! Can't believe she is 3! What a day for this little princess...everything had to be PINK.... but then again it was her day. We had a small party with just family and friends. Would like to thank those that attended...also had my freshman girls basketball team show up and Cora went nuts...of course she knew all of them by names.

Some of her items she received were: Cinderella dress up clothes, barbie dolls, baby dolls, candy, and the main event....drum roll please.....PINK CINDERELLA BIKE!!! The crowd go wild!!! She was so happy, she was at awe!!!! Needless to say to did not get off that bike until it was bath time...she even sat on it in the tahoe while were taking it from the park to home!!! Crazy girl... great day for a great little girl.... Happy Birthday Cora Lee.... love your mommy & daddy.

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