Thursday, September 4, 2008

New School Year!!! school sneak up on us or ME!!! I was not ready for school, but ready or not its here. We have some good news....NO I am not pregnant...but my husband "Botos" is now teaching/coaching at the High School. He is teaching Govt/Economics and Head Baseball/Asst. Football. I will be at the Elementary teaching P.E. all those little kids.

As far as my kiddos go...little miss Cora Lee will start going to 2 pre-schools this year....Mrs. Angie (right across the street) and to Mrs. Carroll's. She attended Mrs. Carroll's yesterday for her 1st day...she learned the letter "A". She had such a wonderful day. Its amazing how quick these kids grow up.....

As for Little Man Jantz...well he turned 2 this summer and is starting speak english, clearly!!! :) He is into cars, motorcycles, trucks, & trains. All boy...He loves to play basketball....that's my boy. But he does love his daddy and love to just hang out and do boy stuff.

My goal is to do a daily blog, though it may not be long but more like a journal of the happenings of the previous day.

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