Friday, September 5, 2008

September 4th Memories

Thursday is a great day, one day closer to Friday which means the weekend is coming!!! Today was a good day despite that I am catching the first of the school year cold... Had a great day of work, love working the little ones in P.E. Today we played two new games...Indy 500 & Fox and the Hound. They did a lot of running, so I many complaints of sore throats...; ). Botos had is first football game today at Iowa Park and won 22-0. However we did have player off of the JV team get hurt and was sent to the emergency room w/swelling of the brain and a blood clot...they did surgery last night and were able to stop the swelling and remove the blood clot. His name is Justin Gannaway, he is still in ICU and will have more test run this morning. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

After my day at work, I went and got the kids and bought them some new tennis shoes...what a trip...I think we had or Jantz had the store torn down about 2 minutes. That poor salesman...pray for him too would ya? Here is the thing I don't understand about the cost of kids shoes....either you pay over $20 for a good pair of shoes or pay under $10 for a pair that will be torn up in about two is the deal one of the two things will happen....1. the shoes get torn up or 2. they out grow them!!! So you can't win either way...

So after we bought shoes of course we had to have socks so we went to Wally World and of course you can't go into to the store for just one they got some more tops and pants along with their socks. So they are set!!! Of course until they out grow them... we made it home and as we pulled up I heard kids and saw a lot of cars across the street at Mrs. Angies....OH NO...I had forgot to go to meet the kids that will be in her of course we were able to run across the street and still make the meeting.

Our day was winding down while the kids played and while I was putting clothes & laundry and sorting clothes that are too LITTLE... of course he got closer to bath time so I let the kids play in the bath tub and bathe themselves while I finish doing laundry. After that I was able to finally sit down, while I was sitting there I was watching my two kids wrestle w/each other...they would giggle so hard that they couldn't even wrap their arms around each other to tackle. I guess that is when we need to just slow down and take those precious little moments in. They finally got thirsty, so they had one glass of CHOCOLATE MILK...and they settled down on the couch and recliner with each a blanket and pillow...watching Spongebob Squarepants. I looked up and both were out....What a great day!!!

Until tomorrow...

love, Casey

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