Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend. Friday night the Bobcats won their first football game at home against Iowa Park...Way to go Bobcats!!! I was accompanied by my sister and no kids, the kids were with my parents & brother Josh in Amarillo watching "WINNIE THE POOH". Had a great time... I had to coach a volleyball game on Saturday against Levelland, the girls played very well but fell short in 5 games. After the game on Saturday, we went to Estelline to visit Family and also went a Fish Fry. The best Fish Fry I have ever been too... the kids were able to run around , play with cousins and many other kids as well.

Sunday: we slept in & didn't make it to church...forgive us lord! But Botos was able to finish his lean too shed (he has learned to weld!!!) I, on the other hand picked up around the back yard, trash, toys, & more toys... the kids love to play outside...the weather was perfect. Overall the weekend was well spent....

Until tomorrow.... mama botos!!

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