Friday, September 12, 2008

TGIF!!! 9/12

Thank goodness its Friday! First of all, let me explain these email you might be getting. My wonderful friend, Amanda, pointed this out to me. To my understanding when I write in my blog, I thought you were looking at my blog, WRONG!!! To my understanding, you are getting just an email don't think I am sending out email everyday...I am actually updating a new post on my blog. To view my blog here is the address:

On the blog you can view all posts as well as pictures, music, & other news I have on their for you interest. SO.... thank you Amanda for sharing that information w/me.

My reflections of Thursday and the future Weekend....Thursday was another rainy & wet day. We had our volleyball tournament start up and my JV team participated and WOW...I am proud of them...they did not let those Varsity teams just whoop up on them...they stood their ground. I think we might have scared a few of them...its so funny to watch those coaches. They immediately think JV and so when they are up 3 points they sub their bench...little do they know my team is just warming up and we gain the lead with their what do the coaches do? Of course, they put their starters back in, by then their starters are frustrated, as well as the coach, and the game of volleyball is a mental game. I just sit back and grin at them; my team will give you a run for your money... way to go JV!

My mother-n-law, Vicky had brought my two wonderful kids up to the gym...its their home away from home. BUT thankful for good friends and other willing kids that love little kids,,, I knew the kids were being watched. I had 20 minutes in between after my second game, I took the kids to the Hospitality Room and fed them supper. Fortunately, we were able to leave the gym around 8. After the games, we stopped Mammy's, (connie) and said hi to her. Luckily we stopped cause both of the kiddos got their hair trimmed up, so they don't look so shaggy...Jantz can not stand hair on him, so of course we left and went home straight to the bath. Our evening ended up w/ me and kids in bed & asleep by 10. Love my kids!!!

While we lying their in bed, the kids drinking their Chocolate Milk, Cora asked to watch "Spongebob Squarepants." So I said, Ok...we caught it right from the beginning...the song started and so did Cora...she knew every word, as well as at the end we Spongebob plays his nose as a flue...she imitated as well!!! I couldn't do anything but laugh & watch her..she cracked me up.

Highlight of the Day: Due to the weather we have been unable to go outside or should I say the kids. But yesterday I was fortunate to have ALL 60 kindergardeners in the gym. But here is my highlight...teaching them the 'Hokey Pokey' and getting paid for that!!!!! I love those kids and my job...

Friday night football is going to be a wet one but any true Bobcat Fan will still go to the game and sacrifice themselves to go and watch those Bobcats whoop up on the Dalhart Wolves!!! It should be a fun game to watch & I am sure it will be a fun one to play in... Be Safe!!!

This weekend, Saturday we will finish up our Volleyball tournament & Cora Lee has two Birthday parties to attend to. Other than that...have a safe & funfilled weekend...

until tomorrow/Monday....Mama Botos!


JB said...

Looks good babe, I like the useless info at the bottom,, we need to figure out how to do a slideshow with our pics......

Amanda KP said...

love it!!! it is all coming together for me!!! :) so glad you are not just writing emails!!!!! ;)
good luck at the tourney!!!