Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wet Wednesday...

Well, Wednesday was a blah blah day. There was a Safety Program going on in the gym for the last two days so we had each grade in the music room. But today...we are in the gym...those kids have been so good I think we will play dodge ball for the next two days!!!

You might have noticed my title, due to the rain! It has been raining every day this week and today (thursday) it is pouring and has been all night long & heavy thunderstorms all day...its a turd floater out there...

Every Wednesday we have family lunch, i might have mentioned this already but u are going to hear it again. We have a family lunch with Botos at the fieldhouse after Cora's pre-school at Mrs. Carroll's. She has been one busy every morning and gymnastics one night of those three. She and I went to church last night. She loves bible school...they are already learning the books of the old testament...pretty big names for those little ones but she is getting the first five down. Little man hung out with time... Botos is traveling to Dalhart (3 1/2 hour) today for a football game...Lord be with them on the road with the weather.

Not only was it a wet wednesday but a wild one at the house...Jantz is an early bird like his daddy, so he gets up and gets his chocolate milk and a new pull-up and sets on the couch watching for miss thing...she doesn't want to get up until she is ready, a lot like me...but she will if she can put on she puts on a little bit of powder and loves chapstick...loves it. But we couldn't find her other tennis shoe so she gets a pair of white sandals...sorry honey that won't work with it raining...but she was determined to wear them...but I did win...I prevailed...she put on her tennis shoes...then we couldn't find a brush or comb mother just gave us 4 combs and 2 brushes...luckily i found a pick under the'll do. THEN little man thought I was going to put his shoes on Cora...but get this...I turned to him and asked where his shoes were...his response...he points over by the door and say,"over there." He knew but didn't bother getting up to get them on. Just like a man...hahaha. but we all made it to school and work on time.

I gave you the events of wednesday and morning of thursday....hope everyone has a terrific thursday...stay dry

until tomorrow...Mama Botos!

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Amanda KP said...

this is a great blog!!! so glad to see you have one and are not just emailing me these random reports on your family!!! :)