Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tuesday, Sept.9th

Tuesday was an awesome day! It started off with Cora Lee starting pre-school at Sonshine School. At first I was sad that I wasn't going to be able to take her but then the phone rang and it was Ms. Angie her teacher...she had said that originally in her letters to parents she did not want 'early birds' but due to the fact that I do leave early to go to work that 'today' she would accept one special 'early bird' so that I could take Cora Lee this morning. It made my day...I think I was more excited than Cora : ). But the day continued on and it was a great day...

At work, they had a safety program in the gym SO... we had all the kids in the music room w/Mrs. Wellborn. It was crowded but we managed. Also, Mrs. Wellborn was able to work with all 4th graders on their programs songs....OH MY GOSH!!! Can she sing.... she is an awesome music teacher.... she had those kids singing on the right notes...chorus lines...i was at AHHH.... I am looking forward to the program on Oct. 21st.

We had a volleyball game today as well at Ft. Elliott & with Pampa (4A). We lost to both teams but got beat worse by the 1A school than the 4A just never know how the girls are going to play and you can't play for them. Girls, Girls, girls.....but on the way home we did stop and eat at Maxi's in Wheeler...awesome burgers and worth the stop.

My day ended with Cora Lee waiting up for me to tell me about her day. Boy was it a busy day. She learned the letter "A" and painted the letter at school, play-dough making the letter, and she a book catalog for a book fair. Remember those...they all had the neat stuff to choose from from books, coloring books & many other things. Anyways... she had a wonderful day at school. Then...she had gymnastics, known to her as "nastynics". haha...

So we ended our day, a wonderful day and looking forward to tomorrow. Wednesday's we have a family lunch w/Botos at the fieldhouse to hear about Cora's day at her other school. Don't think I haven't forgotten about little is a funny story for you...he was so excited about sister going to school that we had gotten him a backpack as well. BUT in his back pack it was filled with car that made noise and firetruck...the backpack was too big for him and w/the weight of those two cars it pretty much knocked him over, which he couldn't catch himself cause he had his hands on the straps to keep the backpack on...: ) so if you could just imagine what it looked like...funny boy.

Until tomorrow...mama botos.

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