Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Weekender...

Hello & good morning!!! I know I missed yesterday plus the weekend and I"m sure a few of you were either bummed or excited that you didn't receive an update.

Friday night, the Bobcats won in OVERTIME against Dalhart. I am just glad either team started playing because before that the game was boring...but they made up for it in the end. Bobcats are now 2-1. They take on Sanford Fritch Eagles this Friday night. I am having doubts as to whether or not I should go. We shall see.

The weekend was busy for me. Had a volleyball tournament all day Saturday and my JV of course competed in the varsity tournament. Yes, we won a game, an exciting game against Aspermont. The effort, the hustle, & the desire to win was in my girls that game. It was a fun game to watch as well as to Coach. Yes I do get excited when I am coaching, you will see me jumping up & down standing over there moving each time the ball is being passed. That is why its hard for me to coach volleyball cause the coaches have to sit down...& if you know my I can't sit still. But after the tournament on Saturday I went home...took a shower went to my parents and ate supper and came home & went to bed.

On Sunday, the kids & I went to church and they are getting better at behaving at church. But I did still take them down to the play room. After church, my cousin Brian was there. It was really good to see him. You know its amazing how much you miss special people in your lives when you don't see them everyday. I mean around here we drive by or walk by someone and SEE them but you don't take the time to talk to them. As too...like my cousin Brian...we talked maybe 5 minutes but we were able to catch up or pick up right where we left off at. Its like we never skipped a beat. He is doing well and I am proud of him. Miss ya Brian!!! Oh...his little girls aren't so little afterall.

Monday, just another day but a long day. Not much happened today. I got my comforter in, its actually big enough to cover the entire bed!!! We don't have to have two different queen comforters anymore... I guess that is my highlight of the day....

Until tomorrow...Mama Botos.


Amanda KP said...

love it!! i am one who missed your updates!!! they always bring a smile to my face!!!!
oh, and by the way, i still think you and i should be up in the 'box' helping with the play calling!! ;)
love ya, girl!!

Amy said...

HEY!! I found your blog! YEAH!! I'm adding you to my blog list right now!!