Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Already in the middle of the week and two days have know Monday's can be so long but you look up and the week is half way over.

Tuesday, we had a volleyball game and the Varsity won and the JV lost but everyone got to play except one young lady...can we please get less uniforms or a cut policy!!! Last night was a prime example...I used all of my subs and still subbed illegally...too many girls...too confusing...

My nephew, Aaron got his cast off yesterday...his little arm looks funny, oh so skinny.... & hairy! But he is so excited now. Again we should be thankful for our arms & legs cause its amazing what you CAN'T do when one goes down...I mean breaks. : )

I made it home, we had a wonderful supper (39 cents burritos!!)...but again thankful we even had food on our table to eat...then our family got baths and we settled down on the couches watching SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS...i finally looked up and everyone of us had our eyes half open...I think we could have slept right there all night long...but we managed to make it to bed. I know the guys were out and Cora Lee & I stayed up watching a little bit of the Cheetah girls Movie...pretty cute movie.

Not much happened yesterday. Very Short & Sweet... take care...

Until tomorrow...Mama Botos

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Bea said...

I didn't know you had a blog??? It's a shame I have to find out about our sweet family online. LOL we should get together more.