Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Monday, Oct. 6th

What a day...Had a great day at work...kids were wild, I guess due to the weather change. Can't believe its October yet but I am loving the cooler weather. I did decorate but due to the windy weather we had the other day/night it blew them all down. So right now they are in a pile up against the house.

After school I got to coach the Junior High 7th & 8th grade volleyball 'B' teams. Had a great time, plus it gives me a chance to know the girls. As you may know we are one JH coach short this year. Coach Hardin got diagnosed w/leukemia and is out till Christmas. He is our 8th grade coach. So Amy Inman is having to do all practices and games. But not all games...all the 'B' team games we are coaching, us other coaches on the staff. The results of my game were 1-1, lost one, won one.

After the games I got to go to Booster club basically to have supper...I pretty much don't cook, Botos can vouch for that, but on Monday's is Booster club...Tuesday & Friday/Saturday vb/fb games; Wed...if church is cooking that week, & thursday well oh...if Botos has a football game then its concession stand. I know I am terrible. During booster club my husband stayed for the film while I took the kids to 'open' gym to play basketball... I think Jantz might be a lefty they we he dribbles and Cora and I were working on her defensive slides...& her dribbling, ball handling, shooting...etc....; )

We finally made it home and so everyone got showers & baths. I love watching the kids learn to wash themselves...their little hands. Speaking of hands, I received an email the other day talking about 'HANDS'...what would we do without our hands...they (hands) write for us, scratch and itch, brush our hair & teeth, put on our clothes, type, tie shoe laces, feed us. Even our hands hurt w/a minor paper cut...I am thankful for my hands. The next time your having a bad day...just like at your hands and thankful...your day can't be as bad as someone not having any hands....Also hands tell us a story of our lives, I know my look like and old lady hands already due to the sun...; )

Well, the day finally ended, Cora snuggled up to her daddy & I had Jantzer..we were all out in a matter of 15 minutes of getting in bed...yes the kids still sleep w/us...that is the reason why we still only have two kids still!!! Have a great day...

Until tomorrow....MamaBotos

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