Monday, October 13, 2008

A Week Later...

Well, I am sitting in a blog class...during our teacher workshop at CISD. Been a crazy day...started off warm and now its freezing & raining & COLD!!! Haven't learned much today...refreshed my mind a little bit. But a good thing is I have gotten to see my hubby throughout the day...I don't know if he is excited..but I love you babe!!!

Volleyball team won a big game friday night...beat Dimmitt!!! was awesome to beat them at their place...urrggghhhh.... Football team won huge 55-14...Way to go Bobcats!!!

I know I know more to write about last week bu last night was a pretty special night. Two reasons: 1) Cora Lee decided she wanted to go spend the night with Nanna (mother-in-law). So she called and asked and of course she said yes. her dressed, packed her little back pack, put on her jacket, and a flashlight. She wanted to walk over to her house. I got my hug & kiss and I watched her daddy lead her to the street and she walked across toward Nanna house.
It was cute, it was dark, she had asked Jantz if she could borrow his flashlight. He didn't want too but we let her anyway cause daddy took hers away and couldn't remember where he put it. But it was soo sooo cute to see her walking and that light from the flashlight shinning everywhere...she is getting so big!!!

Reason #2) Jantzer...little man. He was like the only child. He was so lost just looking around trying find something or someone to hit or pester. Poor Tamber (dog) who is on her last leg, was getting a few cheap shots from Jantz. So...I found a monster truck game online and so he and I sat on the couch racing monster trucks....only made it to level two. Horrible driver but little man liked to see & hear the truck crashes!!! Then he got tired and wanted to go to bed. So Botos, Jantz and I went to bed. But here is the highlite...As were laying there, Jantz put his arms around behind our heads and said :I love ya super way bunch!" It was so awesome...we all had a great night.

Until tomorrow...Mamabotos

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The Vannoy Family said...

You have two adorable kids! They are sweeties! I'm your babysitter when you need one - my boys would love it! We'll have fun! - I'm serious!!