Monday, October 20, 2008

Oct. 20th

Good Morning! I am getting bad about not updating daily...but I don't have time to sit down a fart lately, take that back...yesterday I did, just ask my husband...: ) Last week was Homecoming week...great week...I always love Homecoming...the parade was awesome...the lighting of CHS was great except for the firecrackers..I did see a little boy get hit in the face with one...I assumed it had to come from the CHS...but he was alright....The kids have got to get better about throwing candy though...either get more or conserve them toward the end...I don't think they realized how many people were their!

Saturday night, my husband and I went to a Halloween was great!!! We went as Fred & Wilma...of course we froze our booty's off but we knew how to build a fire..hahahha. It was nice to get a way and hang out with friends & mingle. There were some other great costumes...

Sunday, made it to church...late but made it and Trey says it better to be late than not to come. After church, we headed to Estelline for my Granny's 75th birthday party. We had a big lunch, got to visit..beautiful day...the kids were able to stay outside and play. All around great day!!! My uncle Charlie cooked up some awesome meat & beans...maybe that was the reason for me being able to fart : )!!!

Kids are getting big...Nate Bundy was talking about that during his sermon yesterday and then I looked over at mine and they really have. Cora & Jantz are playing together, starting to scheme up things, still fight, wanting to do more & go more places. Love'em!!!

Until tomorrow or next week...Mamabotos

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