Friday, October 24, 2008

TGIF 10/24TH

TGIF!!! I hate cleaning house, not really but when I get in the mood to clean house I tend to want to rearrange furniture...I started at 7 last night and picked up and put away toys and junk & got to vacuum. No dusting really got done or kids laundry put away. I really clean when I know I am having guests over. Well, tonight I am having a some of JV VB girls come over since the football game is all the way to Muleshoe...sorry I am not going... not a good coach's wife I guess but traveling w/two kids under way!!! plus it will be cold and I hate the cold!!! So tonight at my part we are going to play the Wii, bake cookies, & have pizza. But whole point is for me to give these girls something to do rather than just sit at home or be somewhere I don't want them to will have fun!!! Still have cleaning to do, imagine that...bathroom, laundry put away or hide it in the closets ; ), clean windows, & erase the wonderful art work on my walls from sidewalk chalk.

I started this blog this morning and its now after lunch. Sorry my A.D.D. kicked in..I hope everyone has a great friday and I tomorrow is an eventful day in Childress...pumpkin carving contest, cousin's are design word art....and Botos and I have a date!!! Oct. 25th is a special day two special things happened on this day...1st I was baptized on this day by Trey & Second this is the day the Botos and I had our first date, twelve years ago!!! Five of those years were have been married...
I will update u on our date on next time...

Until next time...Mamabotos

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Got caught up on your blog this morning. I like it. Thanks for the shout-out!