Friday, November 7, 2008

Good Day!

I have so much to write about today so its going to be bits & pieces put together...

Kids winking...have you ever witnessed a little kid learning to wink...its the most precious little man Jantz was trying to wink at me sitting in the bath tub one night. Also don't forget to remember to vote on whether we should call him Jantz or Ryker...I like both but there also so happens to be another Jance...crazy! in Childress TX! makes me mad....ugh.

What bathroom stall do u always use? Me, the 1st. Why? its guaranteed to be clean...when the janitors or whomever cleans the restroom, its the closest...what do u think?

Well, our volleyball season ended last Monday. We were defeated by Highland Park. Got to play them in the "Box" at WTAMU that gym...I think they make gyms to big now a days..I like gyms where the fans are close and u can actually here them yelling...not just sitting up there for pleasure. But you all know that I hate being cold...I found another place to make me a home in when I get old and that is the 'Box', that restroom was sooo WARM!! perfect....; )

Back to our volleyball game, I am big on superstitions. Wearing the same clothes, win in a gym, play there again, lose in a gym, don't play there next year. Here is a couple that I think also hurt'm...but haven't cheered all year at a volleyball game...why now! Radio guy broadcasting the game...hasn't done it all year...why now! those are just a few. What are your thoughts?

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Amanda KP said...

the first stall?? are you kidding me?? that's where the sick people go 'cause they can't make it any further!!!! i usually use the 3rd stall because 3 is my lucky number!! :) i will also use the handicap stall if it is open...i think that has to do with me being's bigger in there!
about the volleyball...i agree with you on keeping things the same.......and the cheerleaders, to me, were the most noticeable difference....if it makes you feel better, i didn't cheer along with them!! how childish i am!!