Saturday, November 8, 2008

Deer Stand Date10/25/08

Well, Botos and I celebrated 12 years together, 7 dating & 5 years of marriage...Oct. 25th was our first date (10/25/96). I remember we went to watch the movie "Psycho" in a old theater in downtown Plainview, TX. The athletes of Wayland, "Team Wayland"...renovated the theater all week long...pulled carpet, painted walls, name we all did (volleyball,basketball, baseball, track teams). We also had our first kiss that night... a smooch in the back seat of our good friend Scotty C... who he will become a Daddy soon...long-time college friend. Enjoy the pictures of us. Looking forward to the next twelve years plus many many more...I LOVE U BABE...SDWB!!!

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