Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

Well...how are things going for everyone? For me, good. We have started Basketball and we lost to a very good team last Saturday, wellington rockets. Our girls looked good at moments but by the next time we play them after Christmas it will be a better game. I appreciate everyone that was able to come and watch. All though I attended or worked the junior High boys games last night and both 'A' teams won by two to three points. However I did notice something different from the varsity games.....the FANS!!! Is it something that when we come to the high school that we are too cool to stand up and cheer or even be excited when are team scores a point? Its almost like we need to have a "How to be a Fan" lesson to all parents/grandparents & Students!!! We can have parents go sit at a football game, freezing their booty off and still have the energy to cheer but when it comes to a basketball/volleyball game where its inside, comfortable seats we can't do anything but sit and gripe. Oh...how we can hear the gripes. I almost liked the old gym for the fact that the bleachers were close to the stands that even if they were talking it made the gym seem loud, I don't know...just needed to vent. Thanks for listening...: )

Kiddos are being kids...Cora is all into make-up...of course had to have on her lipstick on before she went to school this morning...Jantz was sitting on the couch drinking chocolate milk watching monster trucks...

One thing I would like to say today is I would like to brag on the Junior High 7th grade 'B' team. There are two young men that play with disabilities. I was amazed on how they ran up and down the court, probably hurting really bad cause they were hurting me watching them run but they never quit or showed an ounce of weakness. Some of us just don't know how good we have it. Another awesome thing was that the other teammates on the team were doing everything in their power to help them score and when they did score...you just saw a smile so big on their little faces...all that hustling and running w/pain was paid off when they score that basket...it was an awesome night for those boys. I do have to give credit to the teammate for taking inconsideration of those two young men. That is teamwork! The team did win, big...defeated Dimmitt. If you get a chance to come and support our junior high teams, all their games will be played at the high school on Mondays. They will alternate with the girls. Go Kittens!!!

Everyone have a good day! I am getting ready to teach these kids how to play "Capture the Football". Until next time...Mamabotos!

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