Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Turkey-Wii Break

Had a great break! Just what I needed. Got caught up on my laundry and a clean house, on occasion. I am sitting here watching 1st graders practice their Christmas Program and losing train of thought. These kids are silly!

You might have noticed my title-Wii!! We took our Wii over to my parents so we could have something to do while everyone arrives and the food is getting ready. Someone in our family is pretty impressive...Aaron!! He beat us all in bowling...bowling a 190! Every time it was a strike or a spare...little fart is good. AND another good thing...he was quiet and out of the way...Santa must get him one. But playing the Wii was a great time to sit around and talk smack to each other and compete. It got everyone to play, even my parents! My brother Josh was playing Aaron and got mad and quit by handing the controller over to my cousin Matthew who was about to get just as mad due to Aaron beating them both...hahhahahaha.

Over the break I was able to enjoy my kids. I tell you they are getting so big. I found a really cool website for little kids to play, learning their ABC's, learn to Read, etc. I believe the school uses for pre0k & kinder. The name of the website is starfall.com Cora already knows how to click on all the letters , which helps them pronounce their letters speak correctly, everything...Just a really neat website...plus Cora will sit at the kitchen table for an hour playing gaems while learning. Jantz, well he wants to play to but he just wants to run his CARz over the keyboard...he is all boy.

DISCIPLINE... I found a cure...at Wal-mart they had these stockings that read "Dear Santa I have benn..." and below it reads the following.. NICE, NICE ON OCCASSION, NAUGHTY, VERY NAUGHTY, LUMMP OF COAL NAUGHTY... at the end of each saying is a pouch where u place a candy cane. Cora hates it when I tell her to go move her candy cane...but it works wonders...the best $12 dollars (for two) i have spend in a long time.

Have a great day! Until next time...Mamabotos

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