Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I would like to tell you all about a pretty special person in my life. That person is my Granny ( my dad's mom), Evelene Moore. A year ago to the date she was diagnosed with cancer. She went through all her treatments, chemo & radiation. Sadly though it has taken a tole on her health. In the last couple of weeks she has gone completely blind. First was her left eye and now her both. I was able to go visit her last night one on one. It was the best time I have had with my granny in a long time w/out all of the family being in the room bugging her with questions and being nosey. My sister and I were the only ones there with my grandad & uncle Kenny.

Two weeks ago today she was rushed to the hospital in Amarillo. That is when they ran a CAT scan and noticed her brain was covered with cancer. At that point the doctors just sent her home after speaking with her that there was nothing more they could do.

Right before we left I lost it, crying while I gave her hug. She squeezed me so tight and said," It will be okay." I hate that she is having to go through this and this being the dying process. Knowing she is going to die. She has accepted it and talks about her funeral, things she wants done. One special thing she mentioned last night was she would like all the great grandchildren to sing "Jesus Loves Me " then "Jesus Loves You" facing her casket then "Jesus Loves Us" . I lost it again...how sweet would that be. I am not looking forward to the day she leaves this world but then again she will not be suffering anymore. You know that is the crazy thing, they are bringing the hospital bed today for her and she said last night that "everyone is acting too soon with this hospital bed." She likes her couch just fine. She acts just fine, talks to you fine, but it bothered me that she was unable to see me while I was talking, she would turn to me but you could just see she was trying to find me. I then went and sat by my grandad and you know he is doing okay I guess, he was just staring at her. How sad, not to be able to see your partner for life anymore...but she has a great memory and I am sure that is what she is thinking of when she speaks to him or anyone.

I am thankful she is close and every chance I get I will be going to visit her. I will be taking my little ones tomorrow. Please keep My Granny and family in your prayers.

I love you Granny!

Until next time....Mamabotos.


Marci said...

I'm so sorry honey. I was crying as I was reading it. I'm so glad you were able to spend some time with her. Let us know what we can do.


Thanks Marci...that means a lot. Your a good friend.

Amanda KP said...

such a sweet post!!! you are doing the right thing by spending every minute with her you can...you will treasure this time with her!!! i know you have tons of other memories, as well!!!!!!! i love you!!!