Monday, December 15, 2008

The Weekender

Well, won one and lost two games at our tournament this weekend. Pretty disappointed. The lack of effort and attitudes, sat one girl out for two quarters to finally let her play. She did well in the fourth quarter.

Also had my little girl Cora Lee ride the bus to all the three games, three days n a row. She was really good and loved sitting with the girls and listening to stories and watching movies. The best thing for me was I was squatting down on the sideline and yelled "blockout!" and heard this sweet innocent voice repeating what I just said. I looked and there was Cora Lee right beside me squatting down just like me. One hand under her chin and one on her knee...I just smiled real big! She smiled back with a giggle. Great day!

Spent the rest of the weekend with family. My dad is an awesome cook..he cooked supper for us on Sat. & Sunday. Delicious....tacos, enchiladas one night and roast, potatoes, carrots, w/beans & cornbread on Sunday!

Things I am looking forward to this week, the early releases but on Wednesday our family along w/my parents, aaron & kennedy, BB, Vicki, Josh & Christina & Baby Luke will all be experiencing the Polar Express train ride in Lubbock. It will be cold but well worth the trip. All the kids at school this week will be having x-mas parties...remember the good ol' days.

Have a great day! Until next time...Mamabotos.

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