Friday, January 30, 2009

Casey Got Back!!!

Big Butts a Sign of Good Health! (check it out...)

I am here at work w/my lovely co-worker Gaylor and he just played "I like big butts!" and so now I have that song in my head and of course I started shaking my big butt and he just turned his head....hahahaa.

BUT I also have a great experience w/another co-worker that involves "Big Butts!" That's what I was going to re-in-act for Gaylor but he stopped me and said no!!! ; )

What a funny picture! I found this and the actually slogans says "Lets look like Americans!" To me I'd rather have a butt than no butt...but I can't see my butt so I might want to thank twice about that.... laugh about it...

Have a great safe weekend!! and Enjoy the Superbowl.....

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Belinda said...

I am so proud of you being in the gym Girlie.One drop of sweat at a time. What was the answer to your Quiz? I wanna see if I passed.