Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Ever notice those silly words or letters you have to type to confirm your comments? Well, FOLOP was mine just a minute ago and being the redneck that I am I came up with a sentence using "Folop." Here it goes:
Today after getting out of school early, I went home and 'folopped' on the couch and starting figuring out scrapblog title. OR Like when my boobs folop (fa-lop) around when I am not wearing a bra. Sorry about that ladies & gents. See Emily, things shouldn't be typed and other things should. Laugh aboutt it!

I am one of those change my background often, like once a week or twice a month. I have noticed that some of you have the same background and they are super cute....mine change with my mood I believe. I am ready for summer, but the flip-flop background was making my eyes go crazy. I don't know maybe we should have a contest or something of who can make the ugliest background w/a ugly title???? Something different, we could all laugh about it!

Comments? I like receiving comments, that is like the first thing I look for when I check my blog. Now about giving out those comment I have made a commitment to do better job at giving them. Also if I don't have you on my blog list, please please please leave me a comment and I will add ya. Its not that I don't like you or I have someone else and not you its just that I did those all in 1 day and never got back to adding others. So please, just let me know and I will add ya and then we will laugh about it!

Now do you ever wonder who your kids act like? members of the family? friends? I have come to the conclusion that Cora acts like Botos' grandmother Tilly. She was full of life and the life of the party wherever she went. She walks swinging her hips, batting her eyes, wearing make-up, playing dress-up, painting nails, fixing hair. Well, the picture below I hope also shows that she might follow in my mother's footsteps of doing hair! Take a look....:

If you look she is wearing 'Mammy's' glasses and combing her hair. Actually the honest truth is she asked Mammy "What is this?" Mom w/a puzzled look says,' I don't know what your talking about." Cora replies, "This white stuff?" Mom started laughing historically, knowing then she was talking about her gray hair!!!! Laugh about it!

Last but not least, my title on the top of my page says "LAUGH ABOUT IT". I think we need to all do a little more of this instead of criticizing, justifying why people do things or what makes them act the way they do. Its kinda like when your kids cut up a piece of paper into a million little pieces. At the same time, you're mad but proud they know how to cut. OR like Jantz slams Cora's head in the door...you feel bad but then you laugh about it! OR this one is good, or you see the assistant principal get hit in the head w/a dodgeball...knowing everyone's buttholes are tight (even Gaylor's & I), thinking OMG did that just really happen, but when she leaves we all laughed about it!!! Try a little more laughing in your day next time, you might be surprised how good you feel.

Until Next time....Mamabotos


Amanda KP said...

love your new look!!! it looks great!!!

as for folop...my girls folop, too, if not restricted by a bra!! :)

i love to laugh!! and the title of this blog is PERFECT for you--especially since you have that undeniably, infamous moore laugh!!!! :)

Lana said...

I enjoy reading your blog. It always makes me laugh. And about the comment thing...I like comments too, but never get them, so you can return the favor and add me to your blog list!!! :)

Marci said...

I don't think I have every known a time when I don't remember you laughing. Love it!