Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Saturday

Today was a well deserved relaxing day. Woke up...went w/Botos to Wellington to get a spreader so he can get his field ready for baseball season, which practice starts this coming FRIDAY!!!! I don't know who is more ready him or me...

This morning was very cold!!! like freezing cold. Made it back from Wellington and came home. Decided we wanted to "Wall-E", so I go to my parents to borrow it. Got it, started it and fell asleep. Cora was in Botos' arms, Jantz & I were on the couch. Even though it was for an hour, I slept hard for that hour. Then I got up and had to go open the gym for a little dribblers team, went and got my sister, whom I haven't seen all week since I was sick. So went to Alltell b/c my phone won't stayed charged, to them the piece inside is bent...great!!!! Came home got the kiddos and went back to the gym to lock it up. On the way home we stayed at Taylor's and got few things we didn't need but went ahead and got them. Came home, ate & drank, then we had supper. Out of the blue I decided "lets go play putt-putt!" Look on Botos' face clearly explained he didn't want to but the good sport he is we did. A good twelve bucks in twelve minutes. Neat place, Coop's Den. Really impressed... now we are home.

I have been cooped up all week being sick and today I feel like I need to get OUT!!! As you can read I have attempted to get out, but didn't stay out for long....u ever feel this way? U want to go and do something and everyone wants to do nothing.

So.... we will see how Sunday goes. Have a good weekend....Mamabotos.

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Amy said...

That is exactly what happens around here! I am home with the kids every waking second during the week, so when Friday get here...I WANT OUT!! And usually, I want it to just be Jason and I. He hasn't seen the kids all he wants to stay home and have some kid time. It's a no win situation!!:)

Glad you are feeling better! Kate had strep last week too and was out Tuesday and Wednesday! YUCK!!