Friday, January 23, 2009


WELL, Ever since my last blog I have been sick as a dog!!! It hit me in the middle of my game Tuesday night. When I got home, it wasn't 10 minutes and I was in bed w/chills, sore throat, shivering and could not get warm!!! So I went to the Doctor on Wed. & sure enough I have Strep w/ flue symptons.... great! My body hurt & ache all over. Sure enough I have not left this house since Wed. Cabin fever you might say? So today is Friday and I am missing the games tonight!!!! Luckily I can watch'em on the internet and text Coach Perkins or Coach K anything I might see. hahaha technology, you gotta love it!

The kids did make it to the baseball field this afternoon and came back showing me how to do the "Stinky Leg" dance...taught to them by Creede Breeding...a white boy. So cute!!! Now Cora is running in and out of the house w/her Superman Pink Cape and leggings on, carrying her pink water pail watering weeds in the yard. Jantz is running around outside riding his tricycle or bike to him.

Everyone have a great weekend and to Charla...I am sorry about not having you on the sideline but I just learned how to add others on there. Yours was the first one and I don't know what happened. You are on now sista...!!! Answer to your ipod list, check out last month or two months ago Fitness magazine, they had a list of the top songs to workout to!!! It was an answer to my prayers to get me going. More than Welcome to join Lori & I in the Mornings at 5:15!!!

Until next time...mamabotos

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a cowgirl at heart said...

Oh, yay! I feel so much better now that I'm back on "the list." LOL!

I will definitely check out the Fitness magazine, maybe I can find it online! And've got to be kidding me! So proud of you, though! Hope you're feeling better!