Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Well, I can't decide if today is Monday or Tuesday? I know for a fact its not Monday but feels like it and I know that if today is Tuesday then tomorrow is Wednesday which means the week is half way over... oh well.

Had a good weekend, did absolutely nothing on Saturday...slept most of the day and then headed on down to Estelline to visit my grandparents. Great time...I heard stories about my granny & grandad, which was awesome cause they were both laughing and taking turns telling the story. How awesome! Even though my grandmother is bling but I bet you she can vividly remember that exact moment in her life like it was yesterday. Had me and my Uncle Kenny rolling.

Botos is doing great!!! He is so ready for baseball to start...I am too! I love watching him coach baseball...especially that they have to wear the uniform...mmmmmhhh better shut-up!!! hahaha As you may know or if you don't know, he has having those boys do some maintence work to the baseball field (painting the blencher, put windscreens, pull weeds, build fences, etc). The greenest grass in Childress County will be the Baseball Field!!! He takes great care of his fields; look good u play good...but what many people probably don't know is that Baseball coaches do have to take care of their field...its kind of sad that they have to do that. Think about...football coaches has the school maintence to mow the grass and water; yes they do paint the lines...basketball coaches has janitors to mop & sweep teh floor...even set out the chairs and score tables....I don't know where I was going with all of that other than Baseball Coaches just might have a "one-up" on us other coaches. Maintaining their own field, paint their own, drag & rake, AND endure the weather (rain, sleet, freezing arse cold, wind blowing 40 mph...) Man babe, I have a lot of respect for you having to endure that and having to endure me!! ; ) I wish you the best this season, I know you will do great things cause your love for the kids and the game is undeniable. Good Luck!!!

Sickness...OMG can you believe all the sicknesses going around! Just took my little man to the Dr. and he has Scarlet fever & strep throat!!! But the thing is he is running around fine, playing, eating. Weird! But just keep in mind of those that are sick. I know its tough when anyone in the family gets sick cause then everyone is like...'Great, now I am going to get it." Then we get mad at whoever was sick to come by and let us know they are sick...we are like.."don't come around here if your sick!" ahhahaha all the drama starts.

Everyone take care of yourself and those around you. Have a great Monuesday!!!

Until next time...Mambotos


Marci said...

Love reading your blog!! I'm sorry that Jantz is sick, but glad he isn't taking it too hard. It's good that you get to hear your grandparents stories-those are the best.

a cowgirl at heart said...

It's so sweet how much you love your grandparents and talk about them all the time. What a good granddaughter you are. I must say, I'm a bit hurt that my blog is not on your sidebar and yours has been on mine since the day I found out you had a blog. But just sayin'...;)