Friday, January 16, 2009

Finally Friday!!! I worked out 4 of the last 5 days, got up early 3 morning this week. I feel good and can kinda feel like I am losing weight but the scale doesn't show that I am...which I know it will take about 2-3 weeks for that to actually happen. The key is to stay working out.

I am writing this watching 2nd graders play dodgeball and Brittany Spears is on singing "hit me baby one more time!" how appropriate. hahaha... love my job. These kids do and say the darnest things. Even the high school kids act like little kids, but I thing we tend treat them like adults and they aren't yet. For example, yesterday in practice the girls were doing a drill that consist of them playing 2-on-1 situation. Well, this one time Carli cope is supposed to be playing defense but Savanana keys was dribbling the ball, just as soon as she passes the ball Carli comes up from behind her and "pants her" pulls her shorts down!!! Of course I see her thinking that little turd!!! Here we are trying to have a good practice and she's got I told her to start running, she immediately takes off knowing what she did was inappropriate...

I couldn't help but laugh and of course some of the girls saw it and wanted to laugh but after I got onto her none of them evened smiled!!! ; ) then of course didn't see it happen either....still had a good practice. If you know Carli Cope that is just her norm...being goofy.

Wednesday night after church, we were all in the living room watching "American Idol." Well, Jantz was asleep in Botos' arms and of course Cora & I were being silly playing around on the other couch. Well, I thought come to me (I know it doesn't happen to often), but to teach Cora how to pinch her nose and suck in and hold (the nostrils stick together, sorta)!!! hahaha It was so funny cause the first time she did it, her little nostri, just one, got stuck and she had to literallyput her little pinky inside her nose to get it unstuck!!! was the most hilarious thing...of course I was the onlyto see it. So when we showed Botos it didn't happen as good as the first time. Now when she sees me to starts giggling and tries to pinch my nose together...hahhaa... life is great.

What are some of those other little things that as kids you learned? Now as adults we tend to forget about until we actually see our own kids doing them and we say, "OMG I remember doing that!"

One more incident...we ate supper last night at my parents. Well, after we ate Botos & I went grocery shopping. So we left the kids to play at my parents house. I go back to pick them up and the funniest sight I have ever seen. In the play-room/Aaron's room there is a huge closet, big enough to put a small kids card table in there w/4 chairs. Aaron is teaching Jantz & Cora how to play dominoes!!! Dad & I just sat there and watched them for 2 minutes... It was so cute...they don't know to match the correct number but this little domino set has each number with their own color, so they were matching color to color. I wish I had my camera!!! But then here comes Kennedy (always one kid) to come and messed the game up by throwing the dominoes off the table, boy those other 3 were mad. PIcture a 6 year old teaching a 3 & a 3 year old to play dominoes!!!

Until next time....Mamabotos!


Amanda KP said...

always enjoy reading your blog!! thanks for the laughs!!!

see ya this afternoon....friona better be ready, baby!!! :)

Lana said...

Since Carli is my niece, I know her quite well. She cracks me up all the time, but she obviously doesn't know when to be serious and when to be the joker!! Overall, though, she is a good kid, even if I might be a little partial. You have 4 of my grandkids in P.E. Erynn is the one that talks about you the most, though. She talks a lot!!

honeyma said...

Thanks for the info on Carli. She is quite the jokester. She has always been such a pleasure to us and I enjoy being a constant source of embarassment to her. Your blog is precious. I am trying to get the hang of it so I can tell some things that happen in my circus of a life.