Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Blog

I have created two new blogs. 1) The lady Cats & 2) CES P.E. I have not update the PE in awhile but I will be so that parents can know what we are doing in pe plus other information such as Little Dribblers & Little Spikers programs.

The Lady Cats defeated Dimmitt last night, what a great win!!! Very proud of'em. be sure to check those two new ones out.

AS for me & my family. I slept in this morning, did not go and work out but I will go this evening. I came home right after the game and ate, thanks to my mother-n-law for the supper...roast & potatoes, carrots.. mmmmhhhh. After I ate, took my bath and went to bed!!!! I kid you not I was out by 9:30!!! I was tired...

The kids are doing good....running around the gym w/no shoes on...; ( But its awesome to hear them hollar "mommy" or "Coach Botos" (cora calls me that ) from the sideline...brings a huge smile on my face and brings me back to reality.

Good news!!! My brother's little boy just recently got his cast off and they are going to have another bundle of joy arrive in July!!! Baby #2 is on the way....proud of ya ya.

Until next time...mamabotos

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