Monday, February 16, 2009

Welp, its been awhile since I have posted. Duh uh? There is so much that I would like to say but shoudn't, cause you shouldn't or its not right or it may ruffles someone's feathers. When I started this blog it was for me as a personal journal. Not so sure I can do that anymore since anyone and everyone can read it. I have had thoughts about deleting this blog but I told myself no...keep it so that one day I can reflect on what happened to me, the kids, or botos. Stuff in general.

I have been working w/Cora on sleeping in her bed so I slept w/her for an entire week. Got great sleep and so did she. Even Botos & Jantz did in our nice king size bed!!! But its worth it. So last night she fell asleep on the couch while I was checking out "Facebook" (sad I know) and so I put her in her bed. Thought to myself I can either join her or try to let her sleep alone. I decided to go to my bed. It wasn't till 4:30 this morning she came and got me to go and get in her bed. I told her no cause I had 30 mins left till i got up to go workout....So she finally decided to and I didn't get up till 7!!! So NO I didn't go work out. Boy did she let me have it too this morning about not sleeping in her bed... all I could say was "Yes, Ma'am!" So i think this little method might be working. She and Jantz are in there right now watching Shrek.

Little Man Jantz is awesome little boy. On Sunday afternoon, he and I took a nap after church. Here is a great church story for you!!! So we made it to church, went to Sunday school and then Mom, Dad, & I managed all the kids upstairs. Aaron asked Pappy to go and sit w/Kase Timmons, so Dad let him. Little did we know, not until communion was over. Kyle Vannoy turned to Dad and said that Aaron was sitting on the FROnT PEW (in front of Trey speaking) all by himself. So Dad got tickled but Man was AAron on his best behavior...ever!!! Trey had his own his biggest fan, smack dab center the whole service Now back to the Jantzer... on Sunday afternoon, after our nap, we all loaded up and went guessed it...the baseball field to turn the water off and on and off and on again. While we were doing that Jantz & Cora got to bat off of the tee w/a small bat.... little did I know but both kids swing left handed!!! Jantz actually has a good swing, I took pics and I will have those up tomorrow morning...awesome pics... Cora did too but she wanted to swing the bat her way!! I was just laughing cause her daddy was having to bite his tongue, cause it wasn't his way, it was her way.... sorry babe couldn't resist.

Ya know I love my life, my family, my kids, my husband. I don't worry about too many things. But here lately I have been bothered by many questions about the coaching situation. So here is my answer on that: Good Luck to Coach Manley and Good luck to whomever comes in. There, don't ask me about what I have heard or what I think about this or that. I don't like to gossip nor do I like to be around when gossip starts in groups or amongst co-workers. I normally tend to walk away. Now, somedays I will give my opinion or thought but remember you asked. I had a comment made to me not too long ago about that I am a good offspring of Connie Moore. What in the heck is that supposed to mean? I know my mother works in a place that hears a lot things, now does that means she starts it!! NOPE... she repeats, just like any one else does at their place of work. So Beauty Shops aren't the only place where things gets talked about or people get talked about. There is a group of elderly men that sit at a round table at the Bakery every morning or some point during the day... now why isn't anyone calling that the gossip place??? sorry I might sound a little upset but I am proud of my mother and I know that she has done everyone a favor or two at the last minute for a haircut, eyebrow wax, or fixing your color cause you tried to do yourself. Just know when you did that, you kept her from getting home an hour or two earlier. I guess being self-employed you make more sacrifices. But you don't see the school opening up b/c your son or daughter left their homework assignment in their locker or a bank opening up after hours so you can cash a check. I am proud of my parents, they have been self-employed for many many many years. Just like everyone knows that when you decide to grill out you realize, damn I am out of propane. Oh.. I will call Vernon he will do it and your right he will...but do you realize he deserves weekends tooo.... some people have the nerve to call at 9 at night needing propane or after seeing the weather on the 10 o'clock news. hello you ever heard of business hours... 8-5!!!! A principal will not to decide to have a parent meeting on a Saturday afternoon or at 7 at night on a Thursday. don't think so!!! Now that is when I am like my parents...going out of my way for folks, cause its just born in me was taught to us by my parents there are some things you just don't do and don't ask any questions about, you just do it. Sorry about that, kinda got side tracked there for a minute and I know my parents have chosen to be self-employed, yes I know that. Ohh... here is one::: Everyone asking Ginger Wilson to fill up the candy machine at school just b/c her husband is the one that does it.... ahahaha love ya Ging...

Well, everyone have a good day and great night. I am proud to be an offspring of Vernon & Connie Moore and if your not proud of where you came from, you have issues. According to Aaron, he has work shoes & play shoes but no issues!!! hahahaha shouldn't all be worry & stress free lives...I wish you that you wish... cause I think we, ourselves are the ones that brings the stress into our lives. Take care of yourself and your family. Don't worry about tomorrow for today will pass you by and the day is lost. One day at at time folks, one day at a time.

Until next time...Mamabotos


Lana said...

Good job of sticking up for your parents....they are good people!!

What do you think of the coaching situation???? Just kidding!!!!

Ginger said...

I'll tell Jeff about the machine!! LOL!

Casey, I always have admired how you just tell it like it is and you are good about telling people to mind their own business. You always address subjects I would love to, but worry my mouth will get me in trouble. You always do that in a very respectful and professional matter as well!

I think beauty shops get a bad rap as well. You can catch just as much gossip before Sunday school, in the teacher's lounge (you know it is about you are your kid when everyone shuts up when you walk in), the Bakery, at sporting events, in Wal-Mart or United.

I think your Mom is a great woman. I think her and your Dad have done an awesome job raising you guys and taking care of grandkids. It blows my mind that someone told you that and meant it like they did.

Life in a small town, everyone knows your business but you!

Mommysmart said...


I just have to comment after reading what you wrote about your mom and dad.

Let me start by saying that I used to want to "BE" Connie Moore. I almost accomplished it except for I couldn't handle it like she has done. Your mom is one of my favorite people in the world. That beauty business is TOUGH STUFF!!!

You know that I love The Vern (sort of like The Fonz only cooler and without the leather jacket). Your parents should have special crowns in heaven for what they are doing in this world to love and raise kids.

So there....just wanted to add my two cents.

Love you girl!

Marci said...

I love it! I love that you say what you think and believe. I agree so much that if cannot be proud of where you came from then you do have issues. I admire you and your parents so much for what you and they have done!

MamaBotos said...

Thank you all so much for your comments. You all hold a very special place in my heart & you know that!!! If you didn't well, now you do. Thank you for your friendship, I treasure every moment of it...need to a little more I admit. Again Thank You! Love ya...

Amy said...

AWESOME!!! I love it and well said.

Amy said...

Forgot to add my 2 cents on the self emplyeed issue! BOY can I relate!!

We got a call at 8 o'clock last night from someone that needed to ask Jason a tax question. Which normally isn't that big of a deal. Jason was still at work...HELLO, ITS TAX SEASON!!

This person had the nerve to say "I just need to ask him one question, AND I DON'T NEED IT TO COST ME ANY MONEY!!" It ticked me off SO BAD! Ok. Never say that to a wife of a CPA in the middle of tax season who is home at 8 o'clock at night getting 4 children bathed, feed, and ready for bed BY HERSELF that hasn't seen her husband in almost 24 freakin hours!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry! Guess you got me up on my soap box!

I heart Connie and Vernon Moore!