Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wild Wednesday

Hello everyone, the week is half way over. Let me tell you what has happened to me lately...on Monday, I took the kids w/me to F3 to workout and my mom was over at Blackburn's picking me out a top to wear this weekend (which I will tell more on that in the next blog). Made it through the workout and thanks Amanda for being my partner, I appreciate it so much. Kuddos to you! So... I go over to Blackburn's, walking w/jello legs, sweaty, red faced. Nice time to try on tops you think all sweaty!!? kinda gross now that I think about it...sorry Sharon...; ) But Sharon emailed me last night or yesterday asking if I was missing a little jacket, a sippy cup, a whistle, & a pair kids shoes? Of course it finally dawned on me, YEP, those things are mine. Thanks Sharon! I am losing my mind folks...

This morning, I go to Taylor's to get coffee. Poured my coffee, added sugar & then I went to add creamer. So add one creamer, two creamers. and added the 3rd creamer and drop the the creamer container (little blue plastic cup) into my coffee!!! It sank folks!!! that is right...before my own eyes that little sucker sank so fast I couldn't even reach for it, like a little boat w/a hole in it...sucker was gone!!! So I grabbed a straw thinking I can fish it out, NOPE... couldn't do that anything. Kinda got up a little bit and went to reach for it and YEP burned my fingers...HELLO HOT COFFEE CASEY!!! So I just left in there...that's right, drinking coffee w/a empty Vanilla creamer container in my coffee. You ought to try it!!! woke me up real fast.

Hey everyone have a great day!!! Hope I brought a smile to your face this morning....LAUGH ABOUT IT!!!

Until next time...Mamabotos


Amanda KP said...

you're not supposed to put the container in, too?? that's what i've been doing wrong... ;)

thanks for being my workout buddy!!! sorry we didn't actually run together yesterday, but at least we were both there!!!

Marci said...

That is what would happen to me every morning if I drank coffee!! I'm never functioning good enough to make a whole lot. Just well enough to get out the door!!