Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wonderful up and went and worked out, didn't want too but I did. Thanks to my sister who texted me and said "I am on my way." I was still in bed. So I jumped up and was scrouging around for shoes, sports bra, socks, long pants, anything. But I made to the gym. Made it home, took a shower, got ready and settled on the couch to catch up on morning news. Pretty depressing news, economy is bad, stimulus check is bad, the weather was bad in Oklahoma, people are bad are being arrested, everything just seems so bad and we feed off of it. Why? They should have a channel of nothing but "good news". Maybe I will start that news channel, maybe not.

FACEBOOK!!! I did register and within 5 minutes I had friends that I haven't seen or talked to in years. Friends from high school & college, some who have know freakin' idea who they are!! But they know me. I'm sure I will recognize them if I see a picture but otherwise I'm sure I spoke to them somewhere. I just now wish that the Administration would allow Facebook on teachers computers!!! Botos has an account as well, guess who all his friends are? Ex-girlfriends... it was funny listening to him when someone would want him to be his friend, he would go straight to their photo album and either say, "Damn should have or Damn glad I didn't1" hahaha love ya babe.

But I am writing this sitting at the baseball field watching Botos' practice, watching the kids ride their bikes around....Jantz doesn't quite understand his brakes so he goes really fast and then crashes into the fence!!!! Its so stinkin' funny!!!! Nice weather too. still too chilly for me but I am ready for spring/summer heat to get it HOT!!!

As you all know our Lady Cats season came to an end last night, proud of those ladies overall (season wise) but disappointing that we didn't go a round into Play-offs. Proud of ya ladies!

Hope you have a great day cause I am and did!!!

Until next time....Mamabotos

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