Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's happening ladies & gents? Had a good weekend, made a long trip Amarillo to celebrate Kennedy's 3rd birthday. See, we left Childress at 11, stopped in Estelline to visit grandparents, and stopped in Memphis to let Cora pee & poop. So we leave Memphis and its now 12 o'clock.  Made to Chuckee Cheese's...kids went nuts!!! I walked around w/Jantz and guess what game he found..the basketball shooting game...he made 4 shots in a row...nothing but net!! I was amazed, where did he get that talent!?? HE GOT IT FROM HIS MAMA... : ) That is pretty much the only game he played the entire 2 1/2 hours, tickets were coming out like crazy. 

Since it was a pretty day, after Chuckee's we took the kids to the zoo, that's right the Amarillo Zoo... so Dad, Josh, and I took all the kids to look at some animals...it was nice. Then the kids played on the playground there for a long time...long time...a long time.  Of course Mom & Lori went to the mall; they didn't get to enjoy the Zoo.  

The kids really didn't act too bad, it was the car ride there and back that was tough...of course we all decided to ride in one vehicle...big mistake... next time i am taking my own vehicle...  the screaming, the hollering, the pestering going on, everyone trying to be the boss. Crazy but fun filled day! 

Sunday, relaxed, slept, worked out. Speaking of working out... I have done for 6 weeks and haven't lost a pound!!! How come some work out and lose 6 lbs? I can feel I am getting toner, does that sound right? oh well. But I am still going, took today off, slept in w/Cora...trying to get her to sleep in her own bed. Anyone have any tricks to help w/that situation? 

Have a good day and everyone just be nice, that just seems to be what everyone is saying on their blog...B NICE!!!  

Until next time... Mamabotos


Amanda KP said...

sounds like fun...4 kids in one vehicle for 2+ hours...what wouldn't be fun about that!?! ;)

doesn't amarillo have an awesome zoo?? we have gone several times and i am amazed at how great it is to be right there in amarillo--and FREE!!!

Amanda KP said...

oh and...i am trying to be nice!!!

Marci said...

You are brave traveling with 4 kids for that amount of time!!! So glad you had a good time.

Amy said...

Wish I had some advice on the kid sleeping in her own bed!! We fight with Kenna and Case every night! It makes me crazy! Let me know if someone gives you some great advice!!