Thursday, February 5, 2009


Seemed so long ago....(remember that song!?) It was actually on Monday when Botos received a call from Eric KP around 9. Come to find out that Botos was introduced to Fatboy Outdoor Hunting. His gig was to catch a baby pig (wild hog) to win $80 bucks...if you haven't seen the video go check it out at Its so stinkin'hilarious!!! Those guys are crazy that do those videos...its cool to see grown men still trying to stay young...good group of guys. Funny but crazy!!!

I was able to go to the park yesterday and visit those poor little ducks on the pond in the park. The kids and I plus Aaron were sitting down enjoying our McNuggets and then BAM...we were swarmed by all the ducks in Childress county...of course the kids got excited so they fed the ducks their french fries...BUT poor Jantz couldn't get rid of his fries quick enough...the biggest goose/duck whatever it was, snapped his poor little hand, yes his entire hand in its mouth!!! Jantz had the craziest look on his face like, duck what are you thinkin? I think he might have slapped that poor duck if he didn't hurt him so bad...I was rolling, couldn't help but was a great afternoon to spend w/the kids.

A shout out to Sarah, hope u can hear this ;) hahaha welcome to bloggin!!! I would like to also say "Amen!" on your feelings about coaching/kids. I feel like I don't know that I could do this the rest of my life but its the only thing I know to do. The best rule is K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid). But now working at the Elementary where we are WILD!!! I have learned that these kids that things are handing to them, really did have things handed to them. It all started when they were in the 1st & 2nd grade. I have had an issue lateley w/those two grades about wearing boots to P.E. of course they all got new boots for Christmas so I let them wear them the month of January but now I have had enough of boots and the stuff that tends to get stuck on the bottom of those boots....poop!! So come MOnday I wrote up about 8-10 behavior slips to those that wore boots...I know I am so mean...and it worked!!! I haven't seen or smelled another pair of boots since then...but I could be speaking to soon. Keep those fingers crossed....

Well, today is Thursday and I got up and went and worked out, yep I did. It was so hard but I feel better and have been up now for 3 hours, some of you might still be asleep or only been up for only 3 minutes...yep, you know who you are!!! I hope you all have a good day today cause I am going to make the most of the 24 hrs I have in this day and challenge you to do the same, yes Botos I know that means to clean up around the house, that should happen some where around the 15th or 16th hour today, but don't hold me to it, it SHOULD happen... ; ) laugh about it would ya!

Until next time...mamabotos

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Marci said...

Loved the fat boy video...I laughed so hard. Couldn't believe Botos actually caught one and a bad word didn't come flying out of Ryan's mouth when Botos went for him!! Ella actually asked me the other day to not eat at the park...she doesn't want the ducks eating her food. So funny. Have a good one.