Thursday, March 19, 2009

1st Half of Spring Break

Okay so spring break is 1/2 way  over, BUT I still have too much to do and people to go visit. Here is what the kids and I have been doing over the last couple of days. 

Monday: Cleaned house all morning, folded laundry, wiped down my kitchen cabinets (white, so they show everyhing!); then the Kids and I went to have a play date w/a good friend Shauna & Lauren. Shauna & I were neighborhood friends and it carried over into school. The kids and I had a great time, they got to play w/other kids and I got to talk to an adult... Thanks Shauna for a great time...looking forward to our next play date. Ya know, I think that something we need to start, a Kid's Play once a week, let kids play, mommy's visit, maybe not a large group but someone different each week or every 2 weeks... I know my kids were looking forward to it, had a great great time.

Tuesday: Spent the day in Estelline; My granny who is bed-ridden now wanted a Sonic burger...  I had asked her on Sunday if she wanted fries, tots, or onion rings? She answered back: ALL OF THE ABOVE! (ahahha) So that is what the kids and I took her and Grand-dad. Let me tell ya, she ate all!!! She might have lost her eye sight but she hasn't lost her appetite!! Man Granny could eat... AFter we ate, the kids and I went w/Grand dad to feed the cows. What an experience for my kids to come face to face w/cows & bulls. Here are a few pics of our outdoor adventures.
Calling in the Cows!!
Throwing the feed... 

The Pro... true Cowboy! (His picture is also on the side of the Stetson Cowboy Hat Box, three cowboys on top of a mountain/cliff, yep he is one of them!)
Just Chilin'  notice Granddad's St. Paty's Necklace... 
WE had a great time w/Granddad feeding the cows. I can remember when I would go visit my grandparents in New Mexico we would go feed the cows. My grandparents have always lived on Ranches in New Mexico, the last ranch was known as the "The Bell Ranch".  Great times... the "hacienda" (Big house) was a place for visitors, not just any visitors but movie stars such as Patrick Swayze. There are too many big stars to list! But in the summer times we would go stay w/my grandparents for 1 or 2 weeks... we would go swimming, play tennis, basketball, but the best part is going 'arrowhead hunting' those times... great memories! 

Wednesday, Jantz got sick, so I doped him up to attend Daddy's baseball team "long ball" competition during lunch. Had a great crowd and a great time. Perfect weather for some baseball. Proud of you babe, keep up the hard work; things will start coming around soon!! Good luck at this weekend's tournament!!! Which the kids and I will be traveling to this afternoon.  Go Bobcats!!