Sunday, March 22, 2009

2nd Half of Spring Break '9

Well, enjoyed watching some good baseball over the weekend; intended to go to 1 game but ended up going to all of them. Proud of the Coach & the kids; they are coming around; the coach has been around but the kids are jumping on board. The Bobcats got 3rd in the "Field of Dreams" tourney in Lockney. Man... what a 'FIELD'!!! Its amazing how smaller schools have better fields & facilities... I know ours is looking good but you know its kinda like when you look at a pretty woman or a handsome man; its all on the outside, you really don't know the true dirt such as the what disease that person might have or their past nada! Just like our field; it looks good on top of the surface and surrounding  but how un-level the field is or why teams really don't want to play on this field (Could that be why we don't have many home games? ummm). Now I am writing this from my heart not for Botos so people don't go assuming cause you know what that will do to ya... 

Other than going to watch Baseball; I got to have great conversations in the car w/my kiddos on the way to the game... we stopped to look at deer, cows, horses, & turkey's. Of course they wanted to feed them but sunflower seeds wasn't gonna cut it ahahha.  Along w/some stops of spanking, buckling back in their seats; I"m sure none of you all have ever had to do that and IF you haven't tell me your secret please!!! Nah... I love my kids, let them be kids. 

Well, made it to church services today. I have not made it to church in the month of March except for today. I have been out of town or just plain lazy. I got to thinking while I was sitting in the pew today, thankful my kids were sitting and drawing and being semi-quiet; but I was listening to Trey; Preachers are a lot like Coaches! They expect us to read our bibles, spread the word; do good & be good; attend church. As Coaches we expect our players or ourselves to scout other teams; be at school or u don't play; behave by not getting in trouble cause you as an athlete represent our school/ community/ team/ & u r a reflection of the coach. Its amazing how we won't miss work cause we don't have enough days to be able to miss but yet we miss church cause we had a long weekend and need to sleep in. I am so GUILTY!!! As a teenager, during youth I had a Trey & Chad Massie, two incredible guys to teach us about the Lord.  It hit me this morning how I need to be more like myself & do those little things of reading the bible, The Story or just living Christ like. I have strayed away. I have self-examined myself lately, how hateful I am; say rude remarks (maybe not out loud but to my self); blaming others instead of looking or blaming myself. Now don't get me wrong, I am proud of who I am and who I have become; but as a Christian I need be a better one.  After I left Church; I had the radio on; listening to First Baptist Church- Chad King; it was like "Casey, I have my eyes on you!" Big Brother, Big God...  what if there was d-hall for not coming to church or bible school?  However, bottom line is I will do better and be a better person. 

Until next time... mamabotos

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