Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Great Day!

Well it is Tuesday after spring break and this week so far has flown by!!! At work during P.E.; well I am having fun over there teaching Elementary P.E.. It so awesome to see those little bodies and big bodies come ready to play... i love it!! But anyways w/2nd grade working on their program they haven't had much  P.E. time but they have come a long way on their program. But for 1st graders & kindergarten we are doing parachute activities... never knew how much you can have w/ a huge parachute but we do!!! 1st grade played a game called, "Shark Attack!" Everyone sits on the floor w/feet under the parachute, griping the parachute and making waves... well then on the blow of the whistle you designate certain ones to become sharks, who are underneath the chute and who will grab the other students sitting down by their ankles and pull them under... once a student feels a shark grab their ankles, they are then to raise their arms in the air as if they are drowning and yell for a lifeguard (certain students, who are to rescue them by pulling them out!) Its so much fun to watch them when their ankles get grabbed their eyes get real big and they scream!!! so funny!!  

As for the kinder, we ran underneath we called out a certain color of the parachute and then we made a 'MUSHROOM' that's right we raise the parachute up to make a big bubble and then everyone gets underneath and sits on the edge of the parachute, so now everyone is sitting down on the edge of the parachute, so its like one huge TENT... so cool... i bet we sat underneath there for at least 3 minutes (that is a long time w/a bunch of 5 year olds!) 

As for 3rd, 4th, & 5th; we are having a DDR Dance OFF Tournament, where everyone competes and we record their score on the song chosen and then each week will take the top 10, 5, and then the top 2 for each grade, boys & girls. So eventually we will have the top 6 DDR freaks competing against each other so we will have an overall DDR Champion!!! Whether it be a girl or a boy!!! Who knows!!! The kids really love it, of course u have your knuckle heads that think they are too cool but they still do it and will do it for a prize!!! Which I haven't come up with yet, kind but not really!! So if anyone has a cool idea for a student to when a prize just let me know... i was thinking about these little 'FINGER DDR Dance pads" that the students can play using their fingers, its a small hand held game. I don't know we shall see. 

but the today ended up w/watching the first ever 'BASEBALL BUDDIES' camp... over 100 little kids showed up to learn the fundamentals of baseball taught by the high school baseball team (freshman, jv, & varsity). Sooo cool!!! I am very proud of you babe, that was an awesome thing you did today....  your an awesome coach and your love for the game shows through the work you do. Great job Coach!!! Pics will be posted in the morning or this evening... 

ohhh i just looked over to my left and cora is leaning on me, jantz is laying on her shoulder and they are out!! Tired little kiddos... Two awesome kids!!! love'em so stinkin' much!!! 

Until next time... Mamabotos


Amy said...

I cannot believe I forgot about baseball buddies!! I am so stinkin mad at myself!! Kooper is gonna die when he realizes he missed it!! Can he still come next time or is it to late?

Definately a sucky mom moment!

MamaBotos said...

yes he can still go to the next one!!! its okay, your not the only mom that forgot or son that forgot, i won't put it all on moms... even your youngest one can go! he is 5!