Sunday, March 29, 2009

Great Weekend

The weekend started out by getting out of school early on Friday. So i went to lunch w/Botos & Lori, then came Cindy Nations...that girl is hilarious. Then I headed home, where I was greeted by my two wonderful kids. So we snuggled up on the couch, watched the snow begin to fall. Well, then Cora & I  went to her room, watched a Bratz movie and ending up sleeping for 4 hrs!! (2-6). Then my lovely sister came by and got me to go workout...thanks BB. I think I worked out while sleep walking..  had a good work out... enjoying the bikini workout...feel muscles becoming tighter and getting stronger, love it!!!  After workout, BB treated me to a pedicure... I really needed that, Sarah Galligan... u should be proud... they look pretty... ! hahaha Cora was with us and the man their ending up painting her nails, he called her a mosquito... he said she is everywhere... Botos control your kid would ya!!! hahaha then we got home, got baths, and went back to BED!!!! 

Saturday morning we decided to head up to Wichita Falls. The first thing on our agenda was to visit the Musuem of RailRoads in WF. So we pull up and wait, wait, wait, and waited til Master Botos called the Musuem and they told him that they were 'TEMPORARILY CLOSED!"  he politely, politely asked them to update that info on their WEBSITE. I know, if your anything like my sister, your sayin, shouldn't u have called before u went. We probably should have folks but guess what, we didn't.. or I didn't. so then we went to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings, the kids punched their balloons at every person that walked by. Sorry folks... then afterwards we went shopping for the kids. I took Cora and Botos took Jantz. JC Penny's had a great sale for kids, for everyone... would have looked around more for myself.. but I will reward myself soon in some new summer clothes... knowing the only summer clothes I wear are swimsuits... I love to go swimming, I love to take my kids, we go at least twice a day. So ready for summer.  

Sunday, made it through church... I don't know how but we did. Came home took the kids to practicing their batting at the baseball field. I laid on the green grass watching a lady bug check out m video later... came home, had chili dogs for lunch, then the kids wanted to go to nanna's house... off they went. I laid on the couch watching the Women's bb  games... a & M got beat!!!  Botos then left to go work on the garden w/my dad in his Mom's backyard... I took a small nap. BB came by to ask me to go workout, I said NO!!! then the kids came in and then I sent them off back to nanna's house. Back to sleep I go. Well, then whole gang made it home, we ordered pizza, ate it and then I went to Wal-mart to get Advil. The reason for Advil, is that my legs have been aching so bad that it wakes me up, I kid u not, this is something that has been going on since I was a kid but here lately is has gotten worse... my legs hurt or ache to where I have to rub my feet or get up and walk around or massage my legs behind my knees... I have lost so much precious sleep in the last week due to my legs. I hate to have to go to the Doctor to be diagnosed w/RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME!!! Am I too young for that?  Anyways, we will see how this week goes, I can't explain the pain. It hurts... its irritating... its annoying.  

Back to school tomorrowo... busy week. Baseball game tomorrow night, Good luck Babe, off Tuesday, Wed.-church, Thursday Baseball buddies, Friday baseball game, Saturday-Track Meet.  

Until next time... Mamabotos. 

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Amy said...

Girl, that just wears me out thinking about it!!:)

So funny they called Cora a mosqito! That is the perfect way to describe her!! Love that girl!!