Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What to say, What to write... its not like I don't have anything to say to talk about it just a matter of me sitting down and doing it... ever have that problem? Last week so hectic, maybe not, but seemed that way. Thursday we had our District Track Meet in Tulia and then the next thing I knew we were herding kids into the High School for a Tornado Warning!!! WE sat and sat and sat... until we had an opportunity to leave and so we booked it on out of there. As we were leaving town, we drove over Hail that had piled up!!! It looked like snow... here is a pic from my brother Josh's backyard...: 
 welp, post that pic later, our email is down this morning. 

So we go back Friday and had a very successful day!  

The weekend rolled around and on Saturday morning my mom & I headed on down to the Jaime's and got some plants to plant in my backyard underneath a tree, shade garden. Due to the tree we couldn't plant any flowers cause they wouldn't make... so we planted ground covering plants: peppermint, chocolate mint & orange mint!!! Ohhhh they smell sooo good!!! Maybe & hopefully it cover up the smell of dog poop!!! So ready for summer to get here so I go sit outside underneath our patio and watch kids play and I can relax... hahaha. 

Next garden I will be working on is in the front yard... I ordered a magazine from Spring Hills; it has plans for you on how what to plant and where. That is what I need cause I have no idea when it comes to plants... but never too late to learn... So sorry for the mess in my front yard for those who have little ones attend Mrs. Angie's... probably couldn't see anyways from all those bikes & tricycles!!! ugh...  BUT I am thankful for sidewalks... we have one in our front yard, but I was looking around the neighborhood or around town and very very few folks have a sidewalk for their little ones to ride... so where do they ride? its sad... it was a must when we were looking for a house... i had one so I thought every house should but they always don't. Oh well... 

Busy week, Cora's Star Attraction today!!! Proud of me... I didn't forget but I can't go... ; ( so sad... I did buy her a cute little sundress for her to where today.  She look so darn cute!!!  Good luck today Cora Lee!!! 

Everyone have a great day! Oh... going to the doctor today about my stinkin' foot!!! Hope I have done too much damage to it but I am thinking a stress fracture... but we shall see after 2:45!!! I hate going to the doctor for petty stuff like this.. or it seems to me cause I have been an athlete and a coach now I should know how to take care of it.. but as I am getting older, things do tend to fall or hurt a little more than they use too. 

Until next time... Mamabotos

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