Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mother of Forgets Award

Yes, Friday is Cora's Birthday and TODAY was her "Star Attraction" at Mrs. Angie's....!!!!! Totally forgot... should have been baking cupcakes and decorating her attraction poster (that was given to us in 2 weeks advanced!!) instead of hoeing weeds in my front yard!!! I feel so terrible. Crap ol' mighty... I even had it written down on 3 calendars.... who does that... ME!!!  So its set for next tuesday... please don't let me forget...!!!!! 

Until next time...Mamabotos


Marci said...

You are not. You are a wonderful mom!! I have done it myself and it will all be ok!! Love ya girl!!

Amy said...

Don't feel bad...Cases was set for January and I postponed it when one of these kiddies was sick. STILL HAVEN'T DONE IT!!!! I've gotta get that done!!:)