Thursday, July 23, 2009


Every year we all experience a Birthday, what an awesome day. We have been celebrating birthday's like crazy it seems like... we have 4 birthdays in July all w/a week of each other. Jantz I were able to have a party together, feel so bad for him. He has yet to have his own birthday party. his firts b-day at NY Yankee stadium, 2nd birthday, ummm don't remember, maybe Chuckee Chees's. Now 3rd birthday, at the firework stand'. So we got back from Red River we had a great cookout and cupcakes for our birthdays.

Jantz turns 3 & I turn 31!

Blow out your candles and make a WISH!

Opening my presents...

Started a new collection, Trail of Painted Ponies.

Such an awesome collection I have started. I had a teammate in college who's father collected these horses, his collection is over 150 horses! Such an awesome display I will have someday. You may check out their website at "The Trail of Painted Ponies."

Until next time.... Mamabotos

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