Friday, July 24, 2009

What a day!

Had a wonderful day today. Got up, watched a movie w/the kids "Look who's talking Too." Great movie. Then we headed to the pool, 11:30-2:30... great times. Enjoyed time w/my sister and niece & nephew.... My son, Jantz finally built up enough courage to go off the diving board. A huge Thank You to 'Drankster' (Drake Rabey).

After swimming, I came home and cooked supper. According to Faith Self "Momma cooking Big!" I love that saying, thanks Faith. I cooked meatloaf, greenbean casserole, & mashed tators!!! It was awesome.

Now we are all sitting down watching "My dog named Skip." Kids are glued to it. Have a great night!!!

until nextime... Mamabotos.

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Kyle Vannoy said...

How funny! We just watched "Look Who's Talking" the other day and are waiting to see the sequel. Enjoy what little time we have left. Every time I watch "My Dog Skip" I end up with "watery eyes"!