Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer is About Over....

I have had a wonderful summer BUT I wish it would last whole another month! This week has been good but depressing. Cora started Cheer Camp this week. Some reason the only cheer she can remember, "Shake It, Roll It, Pop It, & Drop It!" Ummmm i don't remember cheers like that... I remember "Firecracker Firecracker BOOM BOOM BOOM!" lol. AND I don't remember it being in a nice cool AC Gym.... it was held out in the courtyard, where you rolled, and did pyramids on the grass!!! hahaha. lol. Times have changed! But she is enjoying it and that is all that matters.

Now back to school,,, NO no more discussion about school.

I really don't have much to say, just blah. Ever have those days? I'm sure more ladies than men. But as moms, I think those days come every other day! Or that is what it seems like lately. I don't know. I am rambling.

I am sitting outside, in my backyard, watching my kids who keep blowing out the centranela candles OUT AND then ask me to re-light them!? ugh!!!! Also my kids love to wrestle, ever since we pulled up our carpet, its not very fun to wrestle on hard wood floors.

I just heard music to my ears... Cora says that she is sleepy! So we are off to "take a bath & go to bed!"

Until next time... Mamabotos.

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