Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Boy have i been busy the last 10 days. Volleyball is off & rolling, so far we have had 2-a-day practices, scrimmages, & tournaments. The life a coach/mother/teacher is a busy life, boy it sure hasn't seem that way before but it has hit me lately. Going Going all the time, leave when my kids are asleep,come home when they are ready to go to bed... I just miss them so stinkin' much! I look forward to summers, but I hate to see them go. I go from hardly seeing my kids to seeing them everyday back to not seeing them at all. Doesn't help that I get in trouble by Miss thing for not taking her to any games! haha. Plus little man just wants to go where the "Stinky boys" are, football field.

Today was a hard day for the kids. I had to take them to get their shot record updated.... SHOTS! I had told them before we went to hopefully toughen them up, wrong idea. Cora worried herself to death, cried, cried, cried. Broke my heart! But she did survive after 3 shots and a finger prick. Jantz on the other hand, he was all BIG boy today. Never cried, never showed any fear at all, just hopped right on top of the table and laid and took it like a man! When they did poke him w/the shot all he said was "ouch!" after that he was good to go, got his car and start driving around on the floor & walls! lol. Can we say all boy!!! Very proud of my kids today.

After shots, they went home w/nanna to take a nap, welp, that didn't happen. They made it to practice w/me today, which was awesome. My little assistants were handing v-balls to hit at the girls or hold up for the girls to hit. They were cheering on the girls, what an awesome site for me to see my kids be around such an awesome group of girls. After practice we came home to mow the backyard, then off to see Daddy at practice. After Daddy's practice, the kids took off to tackle Daddy on the football field, jantz had the ball and was running from him.... then here comes Cora flying on top of the boys!!! hahha.

Well, back to see school tomorrow to decorate the P.E. gym doors. Cleaned out the office today, tomorrow is for lesson plans & SOCS page. I am getting excited about P.E. Something new we are doing to kick off the year is we will be hosting a Punt, Pass, & Kick Contest!!! I am so looking forward to this.... we will have the BIG contest on a Sunday afternoon at the Football Stadium... winner will advance on to the next round. So parents keep an eye out for this in our local paper & your kids folders.

Alright folks, my kids are out, first time before 10 all summer! I am about to be out myself.

Until next time... Mamabots

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