Thursday, August 20, 2009

What to say

Tonight I was able to sit down in the end-zone and watch "BOBCAT" football! It was great, the weather was cool, nice breeze, the sounds of the pads hitting one another, the cheers, the ahh's, everything was great. Proud of the Bobcats, saw some good things & some NOT so good things, but the season is early and kuddos to Coach Chisum, he is doing great things, keep up the good work to all football coaches!

The kids today were awesome, they spent the day w/me at work; of course they love my office w/every toy imaginable. I loved to hear them giggle & play. However, Cora was riding away on a scooter today and UMMMM was unable to stop and ran smack dab into the wall... of course her cute little face hit it as well...ouch! I though 'oh crap' broken nose! but she was okay and got right back on the scooter.

I heard Botos tell Rye (Jantz) that his face isn't a little boys face anymore, that its turning into a big boy face... ahhh can't believe how much he has grown. This year he will be starting Mrs. Angie's & gymnastics. We will be super busy!

Onl 3 days left till school starts! I am getting a little bit excited but not much... lol.

Until next time... Mamabotos

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