Sunday, August 30, 2009

First time but won't be the last.

Today was a great day. Woke up went to church, heard a great lesson by Trey. After church we went to at Dawson's before Botos had to go to work. So the kids & I came home and started watching "The Land Before Time" a.k.a. the dinosaur movie. Jantz is in love w/the dinosaur movie...Little Foot, Sarah, Chopper & the gang. Then of course we took a nap, love naps... snuggling w/the kids.

After the nap, we went to pick up Aaron & Kennedy to go to the park to play. Beautiful day to play in the park, nice cool breeze. Lori & I was able to sit on the swing and sit & visit. So then I bring all the kids back to my house to play. Of course they go straight to the trampoline. In the last wind storm, it torn off our net off the trampoline. And of course we have a kid (Aaron) that flips off the trampoline... BAM! Of course I am watching the whole thing, as soon as he stands up his eyes were so big and he starts rubbing the back of his head, in shock.... a few tears fall but he gets right back on the trampoline and starts to play again. So I am sure it won't be the last time a kid falls off it.

Today we had another first time but won't be the last. As I am about to take Kennedy & Aaron home, I come back and sit down at the table to eat. I look at Cora and notice something different. I am thinking her hair is just pulled back w/gel or tangled up. I don't know. So I ask her, Cora did you cut your hair? The look on her face gave it away, face looked down and her hand went to cover it up. I was in shock, she starts pre-school tomorrow! Great... her bangs were just long enough to start pulling back and now some of her bangs are spiking out in front.... I know everyone has had a kid do this and I'm sure it won't be the last time. Her response was "Its just hair Mom, it will grow back!" and of course Jantz had to add his two cents, "yeah mom, its just hair, duh?" What'.... where did this "duh" stuff come from. hahaha.

Another busy week a head of us. Goodnight folks....

Until next time.... mamabotos

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